The Right Request To The Creator

276.01Question: What is the right request to the Creator?

Answer: The request is to resemble the Creator. This means that nothing is more perfect than the highest attribute of bestowal and the absolute, unselfish, whole, love for everyone and everything. So resembling the Creator is our ultimate goal and all the intermediate states are only our aspirations toward Him.

Question: Does this mean that the pain stems from the fact that I am opposite from Him, and that this is only my starting point?

Answer: Yes, but this is also not easy. We need to create a model of how to become like the Creator in the group, so we need to participate in the ten, to feel my individual states in it, our mutual interdependence, and how we affect each other so that the feeling of how connected I am to the friends and how much I depend on them and they depend on me will be in each of us.

My duties and my aspirations should be so interconnected with the group that I will begin to feel that this is my soul. And this is only the beginning. Eventually the connection will be with all of humanity, with the whole world and all the souls, including the levels of the still, vegetative, and animate nature and the whole system of matter, all of creation, the entire universe. All of this is the projection of my soul outside of me, so that in this way, I will attain it better.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 11/4/18

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