Society Of The Future: The Path To A High Position

laitman_293.2Baal HaSulam, The Last Generation: Each person who is appointed to an important position must first graduate a special training in the above mentioned teaching.

A person can not get an important and high position in the society of the future if he does not comply with it.

Meeting the requirements of the post in the future generation is complying with its moral conditions. That is, the higher a person is on the “love your neighbor as yourself” ladder and the further from his ego, the more he can stay on this level and even teach others. It also depends on his inclusion in studies, society, and implementation.

Question: Is a person obliged to take a certain course to take an important and high position?

Answer: To say this is to say nothing. This course with such internal and profound transformation can take many years. He must master this technique both theoretically and practically: to study, write works, and take exams.

This is a very serious study that changes a person and gives him completely new internal qualities. He begins to see the world as global. He sees it through others and not through himself, like a woman who has become pregnant or has already given birth and sees everything through the love of her baby: it is good or it is bad for him.

This is how each of us should look at the world. We must be constantly “pregnant” with all humanity.

Each of the members of the last generation must see the world, the goal, the path, and everything that happens only through others.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/26/17

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