The Uniqueness Of The Current Conventions

laitman_938.07Question: How do we prepare for conventions?

Answer: As a general rule all conventions are very different, but the current conventions are unique because people who come to them are prepared. They know why they are coming and understand precisely that it is up to them to realize themselves.

Their goal is to discover the spiritual world. This is very noticeable. But it causes me a lot of tension because I must help everyone. Whether their expectations materialize, it depends on them, but I worry about them as if they were my children, so that success will shine on them.

In Hebrew, success also denotes Mazal (luck), from the word “Nozel – dripping.” These are signs of success that come down from a higher level.

We accumulate success (Mazal) above, and after that it descends to us. Everything depends on the inner need.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/19/17

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