The Secret Of Kabbalah Conventions

laitman_942Question: What is the secret of Kabbalah conventions?

Answer: It is a special secret that can be told only to those who participate in the conventions. Others will not understand.

The point is that when people are interconnected internally, they form one big common desire.

If the connection takes place according to the laws of the spiritual world, when people nullify their egoism, individualism, their natural impulses for separation, and try to overcome them, then a very serious force of overall interconnection emerges between them, which they artificially create through the efforts of their will.

Then, to the extent they prevail against themselves, they show the good power of nature—the power of unity, the power of love.

The secret is that if we unite in this way, we reveal the upper positive force of nature, which does not exist in our world. It is called concealed power. And Kabbalah is called a secret science because it reveals this concealed power.

Becoming owners of two opposing forces: the negative – egoistic force and the positive – altruistic, which we extract together, trying to unite, we close both forces on ourselves and begin to reveal the upper world between us.

Question: Is it important for us to be in the same room while trying to unite, or it is not essential?

Answer: In general, this is important, because a person is like a small, limited animal, and has to rise exactly from the place where he is.

Question: What would you recommend to those who cannot come to the convention?

Answer: Those who for some reason cannot come, it is desirable to be in touch with us and participate with us in all the events in real time. But if such an opportunity does not exist, then it is possible at some other time.

The most important thing for those who cannot come to the convention is to get together with others who aren’t coming and to be with us during lessons and meals.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/19/2017

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