To Judge With Love

Laitman_098Baal HaSulam, The Writings of the Last Generation: Thus, if one is guilty of not giving all his work hours, then his time is either reduced or made easier, or the way he provides it is made easier for him. Sometimes he is given time to spend at school, to teach him the great merit of “bestowal upon others.” It all depends on the view of the judges.

If a person cannot work for the benefit of others to the full extent of which he is capable, he brings tremendous harm to society. In that case, society shows him that if he is being lazy, if he cannot work for the common good, then it will reduce the share that he is asked to contribute.

Is this a punishment or an encouragement? It would appear that society seems to be accommodating him by reducing his work hours and giving him more time to rest. At the same time, however, he can sense how much worse everyone regards him now.

Comment: I once worked in a factory. There, lazy workers were deprived of their merit or annual bonuses, or their photos were removed from the employee “wall of fame.” As a result, likely out of fear, their work improved, whereas here, everything is the other way around.

My Response: The fact of the matter is that a person in our society can easily dismiss all kinds of egoistic accusations, but in the future society, they approach everything only with love. Such an attitude toward a person cannot leave him indifferent.

He begins to feel shame and he cannot let that go because the human being in him is being humiliated. After all, a person is evaluated to the measure of his contribution to society. He suddenly begins to feel that if his working hours are reduced, then he will not give enough love and warmth, everything that he would have wanted to give.

He is shown that he is still a small person, and this stings him, it hurts. This precisely is a court that judges only with love, not in order to punish, but to correct, to help a person bring out and more vividly express his full potential.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/12/17

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