Corporeal And Spiritual Work

583.04Question: Labor and work are two different concepts. Through labor people build relationships with each other. Work is a physical concept. It can be performed by humans, machines, and animals. Do you agree with this statement?

Answer: In my Kabbalah studies, I divide my labor, work, into corporeal and spiritual. We must devote necessary efforts to corporeal work in order for our animal part to exist.

And in order for our spiritual part to exist, we must come to understand our special mission, the special work of man in our world. It is work on unification, i.e., on annulling the ego, on developing an altruistic person who is connected to everyone and who reveals a completely new life in this connection.

Remark: The goal of labor: it is the final result of man’s creative activity.

My Comment: This is true for both corporeal and spiritual work.

Question: In your lectures, you say that building relationships between people is also difficult. What will be the product of such labor?

Answer: A properly organized society. This is the most important product.

We will be bound by the mutual agreement that our unification is the most important in life. From our connection, we will begin to comprehend the higher forces of nature. At the same time, evolution will be directed toward the psychological development of a person.
From KabTV’s “The Post-coronavirus Era” 6/4/20

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