Diagnosis For Humanity

Laitman_632.2Question: Modern science has developed several conceptual positions in relation to crises:

  • Crisis is considered as a natural state of development of any system.
  • Crisis is always characterized by the growth of egoism.
  • Crisis appears as a unity of two processes. It is always both destruction and creation together.
  • Crisis cannot be considered as a purely negative phenomenon.
  • Crises are progressive, even if they are painful.
  • It is said that a correct diagnosis is half the success in treatment.

What should a person realize? What diagnosis should each of us make for ourselves?

Answer: To start with, we must inform humanity that we all exist in our egoistic nature, and therefore, we must understand that we will have to change it.

All of nature, except humans, is integral and even altruistic.

In our world, inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature are integral. A human, however, falls out of it because of his egoism and does not obey anyone or anything. The main thing for him is that everything must be good for him, even if it is to the detriment of others.

This state exists from the side of nature as a given, in order for us to feel the depravity of our perception and the dead-end in our development.

At the moment, we have come, and this is quite obvious by our development, to a state where we begin to destroy our small planet. It cannot endure us any longer. Therefore, we have very serious problems.

Nature is rebelling against us and begins to very cruelly press us down and push us, trying to force us to change. We do not understand its actions, do not take them personally, and we continue on our path of vanity.

Question: Who are “we”?

Answer: We are very limited two-legged mammals. We are so limited that we are worse than animals. After all, even the small amount of knowledge and opportunities that we have, we use to the detriment of ourselves and the surrounding nature.

Comment: It seems to me that today millions of people have come to the diagnosis: The egoistic nature of humans is to blame for the fact that we destroy the surrounding nature.

My Response: So what if they understand? They understand and continue.

Comment: But many are already aware of the harmfulness of their behavior and are fighting against it, not just a few philosophers, but millions of people and many different organizations.

My Response: These organizations are the most egoistic ones. They fight until somebody buys them, and then they gradually fall silent. Maybe later they talk about it a little somewhere and somehow, but at the same time they understand that they must coexist with the mighty of this world, and therefore everything continues.

Of course, there are those who continue to object, but they are silenced, and they cannot be published anywhere or act. At this point, everything quiets down. After all, we see how we still go on the egoistic path, violating nature by all possible methods. This suggests that people must change.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/7/20

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