“How Do I Get Motivated Every Single Day?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: How do I get motivated every single day?

We humans are different to animals in that our dreams, visions, goals and targets motivate us to strive more than merely living in order to survive.

Getting motivated every day to realize one’s goals requires organizing for oneself an environment that consistently upholds the importance of such goals.

However, it is important to clarify the goals one exerts for, since many goals end up failing to provide lasting fulfillment and happiness.

The ultimate goal in life is achieving total balance with nature through positive human connection.

When we reach such a mode of connecting to each other, with altruistic thoughts, desires and actions in the midst of our connections, we will experience a new kind of happiness—one that does not dissipate, but which is eternal, since we would reach what Kabbalah calls “equivalence of form” with nature’s altruistic form.

Therefore, similarly to how we motivate ourselves to achieve other goals in life, achieving connection in order to balance with nature requires a supportive environment of like-minded people who share a similar desire to reach this eternal fulfillment. Also, they should regularly show encouragement and examples to each other of efforts to rise above the human egoistic nature, which separates us, and enter the altruistic nature, which connects us.

We will then start experiencing our incapability and unpreparedness for such a state, as we start detecting how our entire being is anti-altruistic, aimed solely at our personal benefit.

Therefore, our motivation to continue and make a breakthrough from our egoistic, self-centered nature to balance with the altruistic mode of nature, depends on the support, encouragement, confidence and activity that we develop in a supportive environment that aims at such a goal.

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