What Else Does The Virus Want To Tell Us?

627.2Question: A pandemic helps us feel that we are all interconnected. For the first time in human history, we find ourselves in the same state, as if glued to our homes: no one is going anywhere, everyone is in a stupor.

But at the same time, we continue to act as before: selfishly, each for their own interest. We blame each other, we pull toward our own benefit. The Americans printed four trillion dollars only for themselves, they are not sharing it with anyone else. India is fenced off from China as is Hungary from the European Union. They all run like mice into their holes.

How much more does it take to show the world the inefficiency of egoistic decisions so that we find some other way, so that a radical turning point finally occurs? Where is this point? Are we getting close? How much do we have to suffer until we find the right path?

Answer: The problem is that we do not want to acknowledge our dependence on each other. Therefore, each one comes out of these problems individually and does not care what happens to others. Moreover, one measures his well being in comparison to others, so, the worse it is for others, the better it is for him.

Thus, the problems are solved very simply: each for himself and in no way together. This is in contradiction to the coronavirus because the virus itself is global and it affects us globally. It brings us to a certain general equation because it stems from nature. And all of nature is absolutely global.

It follows that if we continue to behave as we do now, nothing good will come out from the virus. We will not be able to overcome it because it is on a level above us. It acts globally, on the whole of humanity, we  cannot neutralize it alone. This is a completely different level of influence: its influence on us and our influence on it.

Therefore, we will have to fight it differently: fight ourselves, our egoism, and only to the extent that we are ready to unite can we have an affect on the virus.

The virus hits on the lack of proper connection between us. We still do not understand this, but in the future, we must realize that it does not strike at each one of us, or at nations, or at any groups of people, but at the fact that we are not connected. This is completely new for us, and therefore, it is difficult for us to work with it.

The coronavirus is designed to force us to come together so that we begin to treat everyone as one, one whole humanity. And therefore, the virus itself does not pose a threat to humanity, just like anything else that happens in the world. We simply do not understand where nature is leading us, but in its language, with its actions, it forces us to interact correctly with each other.

Presently, the virus forces us to separate, to move away from each other, but this is on the physical level. However, if we begin to get closer to each other internally, in mutual support and guarantee, a feeling that we are one single humanity, then we would feel how we can overcome all the negative effects that arise in us from this virus.

They arise not because the virus is spreading further out, but because it acts on us as on a single entity and we are divided into separate parts and individual personalities.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/19/20

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