The Condition For The Future World

laitman_263Question: What will the economy and the political structure of the future world be?

Answer: I think that the relationships between countries will depend on the relationships between people. They will not be as distorted as they are today when one country is an enemy of the other one. People can be very close to each other.

I believe that everything should begin from the relationships between people and continue to expand in breadth until the entire world becomes friendly.

If this does not happen, then, believe me, nature will force us! All the so-called viruses are just beginning to work. There are many more problems awaiting us if we do not follow the integral nature.

Question: In this regard, can the European Union survive only if the ties of mutual aid between people are established?

Answer: You can forget about the European Union. It is gone. It is better if it will just go away somewhere and you forget about it. Otherwise, you have no idea what it can do.

If, after the coronavirus, it returns to its normal activities, it is terrible to think what will happen there! It is best if it just quietly crumbles. But I think this is not that simple.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/12/20

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