HaVaYaH – The Structure Of Our Desires

laitman_548.02Question: What is HaVaYaH?

Answer:HaVaYaH” is the four-letter name of the Creator (Yod-Hey-Vav-Hey), which includes all of creation. Everything that is created and exists in the world falls under the four stages of the cascading of the light, which are called HaVaYaH or the names of the Creator.

The upper light, while passing through these four stages and building the entire universe, highlights the essence of the Creator, the Creator’s attitude to creation.

Question: If we take the matter of our world, for example, a table or a person—regardless of what it is—then the structure of any desire is HaVaYaH?

Answer: Yes. We just do not see it, do not notice it, do not feel it. Whatever the world is, big, small, macro, micro, no matter how we look at it, you can always see HaVaYaH in it.

Remark: Even in Kabbalah, the term “Adam HaRishon” is constantly used.

My Comment: The fact is that everything created in the universe, on the one hand, is called HaVaYaH and, on the other hand, it is considered a structure called Adam.

By Adam, we mean not a person in our world, but a system that includes everything. The Creator created creation in such a way that it ultimately comprehended Him—the Creator. Therefore, creation goes through developmental stages until it reaches the Adam stage from the word “adameh” meaning “domeh,” similar to the Creator. And, therefore, everything created can be called Adam.

In addition, Adam HaRishon is creation in its original form, which undergoes all kinds of transformations and comes to its final result.

Question: What is the difference between HaVaYaH and Adam HaRishon?

Answer: Adam HaRishon consists of HaVaYaH. But when we talk about HaVaYaH and how this structure reacts to the Creator and wants to become like the Creator, we call it Adam.

Question: That is, all of these things seem to be in potential form, and a person reveals them with his feelings just like DNA, in our world, contains all of the information for the development of the human body and the properties of a person’s character?

Answer: Yes. And then it is revealed.

Question: And what are the ten Sefirot?

Answer: The ten Sefirot are the ten parts of which any complete, corrected desire for bestowal is composed.

Question: What is the difference between HaVaYaH and the ten Sefirot?

Answer: It is the same thing. Although HaVaYaH consists of five letters; four and the tip of the letter yod, it is still ten parts.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 6/17/19

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