Peaceful Coexistence Of Love And Hatred

laitman_232.06Comment: In the spiritual world not a single sensation disappears. On the contrary, the two opposite feelings of love and hatred are always together.

My Response: They mutually complement each other, and therefore, they do not disappear.

Comment: And in our world, we are always in one state, either love or hatred.

My Response: Of course, because if they are together, they annihilate and mutually exclude each other.

Question: How can love and hatred mutually coexist in the spiritual world?

Answer: It is very simple. There is hatred for my original desire to enjoy myself, and love for the fact that now I myself want to bestow to someone.

The fact is that the spiritual Kli (vessel) is built on the desire, restriction, and formation of the screen, that is, the intention not for your own sake but for the fulfillment of the one you love.

A vessel consists of all five stages, which must be one organism, and therefore, it can feel absolute, infinite, limitless, constantly increasing pleasure.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 6/10/19

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