Desire Is Given To Us From Above

Laitman_049.03Question: If it has been revealed to a Kabbalist that our world does not exist, does he forget the sufferings that happened to man and humanity?

Answer: It is not that he forgets. He feels that all this did not happen to him.

Question: Therefore, he does not associate himself with that entity that felt all this. Who felt it then?

Answer: The desire to enjoy oneself did. This is not his desire because it has been given to us from above, from the Creator.

Remark: But a man felt reality within himself.

My Comment: Yes, since it was given to him, he experienced it within. When this desire was taken away from him, he started to feel that it is not his.

Question: Is it like a caterpillar that when it becomes a butterfly no longer remembers that it was a caterpillar?

Answer: Not that it does not remember. After all, there is nothing but desires. If there is any desire in me, then I live it. If it disappears from me, then it is not mine. Therefore, if we connect our desires and our intentions then the whole past disappears and we become an absolute one.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 6/10/19

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