Coming Out Of Quarantine, Part 2

laitman_962.4Now as we start coming out of quarantine back to normal life: shops, services, and businesses start to open. And there is a feeling that a dark cloud called the coronavirus descended upon us and then vanished, as if nothing happened.

But in reality, this is a deceptive impression because the old life will never return. We will now find out and realize that there is no way back as “no man ever steps in the same river twice.”

This is why we will not be able to return to a life built on competition and endlessly increasing consumption. On the contrary, we operate within the system of nature even if we are not aware of this fact and do not feel it. Today’s systems of nature differ from those that existed before the coronavirus. They will not allow us to use our evil egoism to our detriment in the same form as we did before.

The virus has revealed that we are all connected and depend on each other. The pandemic has spread through the entire world and hit everybody. Our biological bodies are connected into one system that operates above these bodies and connects them with each other. That is why the illness that appeared in one place suddenly flareג up in another and then in another.

The virus strikes villages that have never had any contact with civilization. Where did it get there from? The system of nature operates here and after reaching a certain state, it releases this problem called the coronavirus into the world.

Therefore, we will not be able to return to the previous state even if we want to. It is impossible to go back. Such a thing has never happened in history! In relations between people, it is impossible to go back—only forward: either to a new life or to a new death.

The common trouble has changed society for the better; it obliges us to solidarity and mutual guarantee. We see how young people help the elderly who are at risk.

Now, with the return to normal life, all these positive changes and mutual care between people are at risk of disappearing if we do not listen to what nature wants to tell us, if we do not understand that we are all connected and determine each other’s future.

The entire globe and the entire universe in general are one integral system, and the state of each of its degrees, inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human, depends on all the others.

Behind us is a long history of growth of our egoism, which brought us to the recognition of evil. In fact, we have already recognized this evil because no one is happy with their lives: neither the rich nor the poor, neither the smart nor the stupid, neither the strong nor the weak, neither the young nor the old.

As it is written: “Against your will you are born; against your will you live; and against your will you die.” Therefore, we need to make a total revision of our lives. The coronavirus helped us immensely by showing us that we are on this Earth as one human population and that we must take into account our dependence on each other.

We must build a society that is not based on competition where we we expend all our strength causing only harm to ourselves. I cannot associate with my good future by making someone else’s worse. It is time to move to a new state. We must, as humans, confront our evil nature and build a different, better degree above it.

Therefore, it is obvious that there can be no going back to the old days. Why should we go back? Did we live joyfully and happily? Were we at peace about the future of our children, giving birth to them for a life in such a world of mutual competition with danger lurking at every turn, in a world of lies and hatred?

Let’s imagine now, envision what reality we would like to come to rather than return to. What should a good life be like? Are we able to change ourselves?

One thing is clear: it is impossible to return to the old days. We have neither strength, money, or any reason to do so. In trying to do this, we will only waste our strength and nerves by getting involved in conflicts that would lead to World War III.

We have no other choice: if we are inside an integral nature, we must also organize ourselves as an integral society. The inanimate, vegetative, and animate degrees exist in one closed symbiosis. Humans break through these boundaries of nature. They go from the animate to the human degree and run rampant there in their egoism, destroy everything, and go from war to war, conflict to conflict.

Now we are at a very important, crucial point where we must stop developing egoistically and start learning and taking the implementation of the laws of nature upon ourselves. Human society must be a round, integral part of the integral nature, and take a step toward connection.

We allegedly used nature for our own benefit, but it was only for the benefit of our egoism. Look what we have done to this world, how dirty and ruined it is. We cannot go on like this. We do not have any other planet to live on except this one.

And now, having stopped production for two months, we see how nature instantly begins to revive: the air is cleaner, the atmosphere is restored, the ozone is restored, you can hear the joyous singing of birds, and forest animals walk the city streets.

They will try to bring us back to the past, to make us slaves of the system we created, but it will not work. Nature has its own engine of development, which will push us forward and will not allow us to roll back.

If we try to return to the old order, we will pay a very high price, we will experience a lot of suffering and misery, up to a third world war. There is no going back, no stepping twice into the same river. We must move forward to the image of an integral human being for each one individually and for all of us together as one creation.
From KabTV’s “The New Life,” 5/5/20

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