Coming Out Of Quarantine, Part 1

627.2The Entire World on Sick Leave

Lifting the quarantine measures seems to lift a huge weight from a person’s mind, lets him breathe a little, and returns color to his life. He no longer feels like he is on the edge of a knife.

Shouldn’t we be happy about it? But on the other hand, having had time to pause and think, we understand that life before the coronavirus was not that carefree. So, is it worth going back to the previous race?

We do not realize that our development was wrong. As an egoistic society, we moved from one blow to another, from one crisis to the next. We will never reach happiness this way because we are only trying to dodge the blows, to escape problems that constantly overcome us.

Nobody enjoys such a life, as it is said: “Against your will you are born; against your will you live; and against your will you die.” We simply get used to the fact that this is life and we accept it as a given for lack of choice.

And here comes the coronavirus, and for the first time in history, we are beginning to feel that we are part of one humanity. This blow reaches everyone. It is like one human body that spreads over the entire earth: the head is in America, the body in England, one hand in Russia, the other in South America, and legs in Australia.

All of a sudden, this body in an instant receives a blow, then another, and another. It is not that first one place is struck and then another. No, the blow hits everybody at once. It is just that everybody feels it differently, just like every organ in our body perceives pain differently.

The coronavirus made us feel that we are all connected into one system. And this is a great discovery. All of a sudden, the whole world got shaken at once not because oil prices fell, a volcano erupted, or a tsunami hit land. The problem did not hit any particular sector. Rather, all systems ceased to work. And it is not their fault. It happened because of the human factor.

Man stopped working! It has never happened before at such a scale around the entire world. Man is sick and cannot work. This is a definite proof of the fact that it is time for us to think about human society as a single system where we are all connected, depend on each other, and must care for each other. There is no room left for competition or similar viruses will knock us out more and more.

That is why the coronavirus can be considered a redeemer of humanity. This is not a virus but a global revelation of the fact that human society is one integral community connected with ties in all directions.

Nobody can feel good if someone in the world feels bad: either we all feel bad or we all feel good. This insight comes thanks to the coronavirus. It follows that the virus is not a disaster but a remedy that will heal humanity a little, will correct its vision by bringing it closer to the truth.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1232,” 5/5/20

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