Two Levels Of Desires

laitman_423.01Comment: In the spiritual, all phenomena, people, and the whole world are like inside one person. The way they behave and what they do, it all happens in me. And I perceive all the bad and good events as happening to me.

And in the material world, everything is divided into many objects that are divided into still, vegetative, and animate nature.

My Response: This is due to the fact that our desires can be on two levels.

At the level of our world, they are completely different, even antagonistic to each other. And then we feel a different antagonistic, disassembled, torn world. This is what we perceive in our egoistic properties because they are antagonistic to each other.

And in the spiritual, since these same properties tend to interact, complement, and connect with each other, we feel a single device, a single world.

Comment: Rabash in article 18 writes: “It should be remembered what “Israel and the people of the world” mean from the rule that everything is in one person. Then the property “Israel” is called “bestowal,” and all its actions are only in bestowal, and this is called the “good inclination” in man, and the nations of the world are called the “Kelim of reception,” and this is the “evil inclination” in man.

My Response: In principle, these are two types of desires that manifest in our world as two groups of people: the people of Israel and the peoples of the world. But in fact, all this is felt inside one person.

There are millennia-old works of Kabbalists who have tried to more or less clearly state this for the people.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 6/10/19

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