The Work Of The Creator’s Intermediary

laitman_962.1Question: Does the Creator only answer the prayer for others?

Answer: Yes. As a rule, He does not answer a prayer for oneself since this is an egoistic prayer.

Question: And what do the others lack? What should I pray for?

Answer: For everything that they lack.

Question: If they lack money or health, can I pray for that?

Answer: Ask for others. But it’s even better to ask the Creator to be revealed to them; by doing so you will bring Him pleasure. You are only an intermediate element who wants nothing for himself but only to be an intermediary.

Question: And what’s in it for me?

Answer: You are the messenger of the Creator in this world. Is this a bad title? 🙂

Question: I don’t know. I need to try. What will I get out of it?

Answer: Nothing! Only problems, headaches, and heartache. But the reward will be that you are the messenger of the Creator. Although it does not mean that He will treat you any better.

Your job is aimed at bestowal toward the Creator and the world, and you are in between, you have nothing to gain from it nor do you want to. You rejoice in being His intermediary while He knows nothing about you. Your pleasure comes from bestowing to the whole world and you leave nothing for yourself.

Question: If neither the world nor the Creator know anything about it, where does the energy come from?

Answer: You ask Him for energy in order to give wholeheartedly to both. Otherwise you will not be able to do your work.

Question: It follows that He does know that I’m an intermediary since He gives me the energy?

Answer: Granted, nothing is hidden from the Creator. He gives you the energy knowing that you are an intermediary. But you don’t know that He is taking you into consideration. Just the opposite, all the world’s problems are your own, as if you’re at fault for everything happening around you because you didn’t ask Him to correct the world or didn’t do it enough. So you consider yourself guilty.

Question: So, if one feels that he has a special connection with the Creator or that the Creator has a special relationship with him, is it not so?

Answer: These are the special connections, special relations, when you feel yourself at fault for everything, feel worthless, and you’re convinced that you have to serve anything and everyone. This is how a Kabbalist feels.

Question: Who would want to become a Kabbalist if that is how they feel?

Answer: A person realizes that he is on top of the ladder of human ascent.

Question: You are saying that he is experiencing these two states simultaneously. On the one hand, he feels worthless, and on the other, on top of all humanity due to the fact that he is a messenger of the Creator. And the Creator does not know about this?

Answer: The Creator knows nothing about it. A person is a messenger in a small way, to the extent that he can channel the quality of the Creator to the whole of humanity.

But the part where humanity is still suffering, still remaining in its egoistic state, he feels the responsibility to disseminate the knowledge of the true spiritual qualities although they are impossible to convey, but even somewhat, in general terms.

Look at what is written in the Torah about Moses, how he suffered for everyone, what kind of work he was doing without a minute to rest. Because he was a messenger of the Creator. And he died in a nameless place on mount Nevo.

Comment: But everyone respected him. He was a leader of the entire nation.

Answer: The question is what kind of people and what does it mean to be their leader? Everything has to fall under the umbrella of the greatness of the Creator with no other reward.

Therefore, we have to ask for energy, strength, to serve humanity and the Creator! It is one and the same. This very prayer, coming from the heart, is the one that the Creator answers.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/1/20

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