The Prayer Of Ten Hearts

laitman_934It is important that the prayer comes from all of the ten and does not remain my personal prayer. If my prayer reaches the hearts of my friends, then it will certainly reach the Creator.

If the prayer does not pass through every heart from the bottom up, from Malchut to Yesod, and from it to Hod, and further through Netzach, Tifferet, Gevura, Hessed, Daat, Bina, Hochma to Keter, then it will not reach the Creator. After all, the Creator is Keter.

Therefore, we need to work on our connection so that everyone can reach the Creator.

After all, this is possible only by turning to the hearts of the friends and wanting to penetrate into every heart. As pieces of kebab are strung onto skewers, so my prayer pierces every heart, gathering them together, and we bring all of these hearts to the Creator to correct and fill them.

It seems to me that the friends are outside, separate from me. But, in fact, there is nothing on the outside; they are all my internal properties only organized in such a way that I see them as external with respect to one of my qualities, which I consider to be my “I.”

Therefore, I need to connect with these supposedly external properties so that they all become mine. Thus, I will gather together all of the inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human desires into one desire, and I will reveal that everything is inside of me.

Therefore, in the ten, there must be one, loyal connection. I cannot turn to the Creator if I have not connected to nine friends, that is, to nine particles of desire through which I can turn to the Creator or receive from Him. Without them, I am not even able to direct myself to the Creator; it is impossible to go from Malchut to Keter without going through all the hearts of my friends.
From a Kabbalah Lesson 5/9/20

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