The Group Is An Accumulator Of Energy

Laitman_524.01Question: Let’s say a person has not found a group yet and is studying Kabbalah alone. How can he have descents? Is it some kind of rejection from the books, from the teacher?

Answer: Yes. He feels tiredness, rejection, and sees that he is not achieving anything. This is how the Creator pushes him forward so that he would continue his search even though he falls and is depressed. In principle, the current depressed state of the world suggests that humanity is receiving pushes from the Creator in order to get closer to Him.

Question: How can a person’s descent be manifested in the group?

Answer: In the group, he develops a positive force that moves him forward. This is the only method of advancement. After all, when you start connecting with the entire group, it pushes you forward, you develop the quality of bestowal, the quality of support, you connect with others and use their strength in order to be in constant movement.

Question: Does it mean that descent in the group is manifested in the fact that a person does not have enough energy or fuel to invest in the group?

Answer: Not just that. When you have the desire, where do you apply it? Also in the group.

Therefore, the group here is an accumulator: You give to it when you have extra energy, and you receive from it when you do not have enough energy.

Question: It turns out that there is some kind of bank of accumulated energy in the group. When a person is in ascent, he invests all his energy in the group and tries to make sure that everybody has the greatness of the Creator. And when he is in descent, he receives from the bank of accumulated energy and practically does not feel this descent. Is this so?

Answer: Yes, this is an oscillatory circuit, with the help of which we generate waves and receive them. If I invest in the group without thinking about myself as much as possible, then, in principle, these descents can last a few seconds. That is, they should be there but they are practically imperceptible.

The most important thing is to understand that if I am in the right group, in the right society, in my studies, then all this pulls me forward, supports me, absorbs my descents, turns them into ascents, compensates, and is smooth, and I go forward not on a bumpy road but on a more or less leveled road.

Of course, it should also have all sorts of changes, plus-minus, up-down, but not to such an extent as does a person who is not connected with Kabbalah.

Question: If a person does not feel the descents at all, what does it mean?

Answer: This means he is not working hard enough on himself.

Usually, beginners have such a period when they have not settled yet, have not entered the study. And then the descents begin and a lot of people leave the group, but after a while, they come back because there is nowhere else to go.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/27/19

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