How Does The Soul Teach Man?

laitman_276.01Question: How does the state “One’s soul shall teach him” manifest itself in a person?

Answer: It is said that the soul teaches man because the light that enters a soul as a property of bestowal, love, and communication, which we develop in ourselves, acts on this point in us. We begin to understand more about how the world rushes forward and toward which state exactly.

The fact is that we do not see this in the corporeal world because our properties are completely unconnected with the vast, integral, unified system of nature. We do not feel it. When we study Kabbalah, we begin to feel this integrity and how it works.

Gradually, over many years, and especially recently, nature reveals its integrity, mutual dependence, perfection, and ability to influence us from different angles, support us, etc.

When engaged in Kabbalah, a person feels it. This is an amazing picture. It is nature that supports him. He understands that he is in an eternal, perfect state, but he still does not comprehend it. He only feels it a little, like a baby who is already in our world but is not aware of it yet.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/9/20

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