The Embryo Of The Soul And Its Growth

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can you explain the connection between a person, his or her soul, and the Creator? Are you saying that a person does not have a soul until he develops it?

Answer: Every person has a point of the soul, similar to a drop of semen. We need the strength to develop it. Just as a drop of semen attaches itself to the uterus, receives nutrition from the mother, and begins to grow, we also need to attach ourselves to society and cancel ourselves in relation to a suitable group, as if it were the mother’s womb.

If I were to cancel myself, I would not be a foreign body within the group, just like a drop of semen is not being perceived as something foreign. This is why the body does not reject it, and the embryo can grow.

Similarly, I cancel myself before the group and receive its strength. Then, my spiritual point, the beginning of my soul, begins to grow. In its growth, it follows exactly the same stages as an embryo inside a mother. This is explained across thousands of pages in Kabbalistic books. These stages of our soul are named accordingly, such as “conception, nursing, and maturing” (Ibur, Yenika, and Mochin).

If a person does not begin this process, in other words, if he does not reveal the upper dimension which exists outside of him one way or another through his connection with others, then his body dies, and this point of the soul merely remains a point. Once again, it clothes in a body and accompanies him, giving him the opportunity to grow.

However, when a person attains even the smallest, the first spiritual degree, he already feels that he belongs to another dimension, a spiritual and eternal one. It is eternal because it exists above our corporeal, beastly egoism that pertains to our body. Then, the body can die and decompose; the person no longer associates himself or herself with it, but rather with the spiritual state he has attained.

We must attain at least the very first degree. Then it becomes much easier to advance because the person begins to see the steps he needs to take.
From the Lecture in Rome 5/20/2011

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  1. When you talk about the drop of semen attaching itself to the uterus, I always wonder why you leave out 2 crucial steps.

    1) The egg allows the sperm to enter.
    2) Huge development occurs in the egg before it attaches itself to the uterus.

    The fact of the matter is that the egg (as is the woman) is an equally important component in this equation of life. True there is no development without the sperm, but the sperm does not act alone as you suggest.

  2. Once a person reaches the 1st degree and his body dies, must he reincarnate to continue the work? Would he grow up enlightened already? Or should I say in both the corporeal and spiritual world? or does he continue his growth in the spiritual world?

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