When Does Help Come From The Creator?

laitman_239Question: Is there a way to make the Creator help us?

Answer: Have you asked Him and He refused?

Comment: Yes.

My Response: So He said that He didn’t want to help you?

Comment: I don’t feel that He helped.

My Response: And what have you done so that He would help you?

It is said that the Creator helps only when a person really needs help. Suppose you lifted a heavy bag of grain onto your shoulders, and it was about to fall down along with you. You would then scream for help. The Creator helps you in this case.

Therefore, you cannot just stand and demand, “Help!” You must begin this work yourself, and then you will see that when you are in a completely hopeless state, when you can take the next step only with the help of the Creator, you will receive help from Him. I assure you.
From KabTVs, “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/9/20

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