Stages Of Spiritual Attainment

laitman_231_01Question: What are the main stages of the spiritual path of a Kabbalist, beginning from the awakening of the question about the meaning of life until entering spirituality?

Answer: In general, the question about the meaning of life arises in a person very early, at the ages of five to ten. But until he searches for an answer to it and finds a teacher, he could already be 30 to 35 years old. To understand what it means to realize the meaning of life, we might go through at least another 5-10 years. As a rule it is more, 15 or even 20 years.

Therefore, a period of 25 to 30 years is considered to be a normal preparation period for entering into the upper world. It all depends on what age this happens. Beyond that, his guiding star will lead the person.

Question: Does the awakening of a person depend on the root of his soul?

Answer: Certainly, otherwise he would not find this way. How much time it will take him depends on the general state of the entire system that is advancing toward correction and how he is required for it.

A person is a small part of the system, and it determines his appearance in this world and movement toward the goal. It is up to the person to do everything that he can, and how this will happen no longer depends on him because the entire path is divided into stages: knowledge, understanding, and attainment.

Sensory attainment is the longest stage, after which awareness follows. This is not just talking about knowledge and comprehension, but recognition of the system that a person discovers in feeling, understanding its intelligence, fully internalizing all of its connections, and working with it as a partner of the Creator.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/29/17

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