Why Do We Need Both Optimism And Pessimism?

We live in a dualistic world. Every quality we can observe has its corresponding opposite, i.e., left and right, men and women, darkness and light, etc. Therefore, according to this natural division, people are defined as optimists and pessimists. One single person also can be both optimistic and pessimistic in different proportions.

Why do we need something to have its opposite? Wouldn’t it be better if everyone was just optimistic?

Even though the research says that optimists succeed faster and live longer, humanity has to be varied. This goes even beyond dualism. When we are listening to a symphony or look at a mosaic, the differences are what make them beautiful and unique.

The same goes for us. Currently, because of existing negative attitudes between us, our differences became the reason for rejections and unpleasant arguments. However, if in the near future, humanity learns how to rise above its negative relationships, we will all be able to see the beauty of our differences as they will complement each other, enriching the connection between us, making it harmonious. When optimists, pessimists and all people of different backgrounds and views come together, they will create a form that fits nature, thus bringing the world into balance.

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