Impressions From The 2020 Israel Convention

laitman_229Question: What are your impressions of the past convention?

Answer: This convention will be felt by us for a very long time to come. We cannot yet evaluate it. There has been a powerful and serious connection between people, groups, and, I would say, continents. Moreover, it happened at a time when the whole world is in panic from a spreading virus and other problems: “What will happen to us?”

I think it is a wonderful time. We live in a special era. For the first time in human history, we are entering a new state, a feeling, awareness of the upper world.

It was only revealed once in a small group of people when they came out of Egypt. However, what is going to happen now, starting from scratch, in all the nations of the world after the shattering, mingling, and so on, is, of course, a special state.

I am very happy about it. You have no idea how great, special, and lucky you are. After all, out of billions, a small group of several thousands of people have been chosen. It’s amazing.

Now the post-convention period begins. It’s time for overcoming, and time for real work. Certain falls and descents are inevitable. In fact, the descent is a special state of the soul and body when it grinds, chews, and absorbs what it has received.

And we have had a lot of impressions. We could not even get through them. We grabbed them with, what is called, our mouth open. Now, these impressions are gradually accumulating in our mind and soul, slowly starting to be stored in a certain archive.

Using the absorbed material, we are already climbing to the next stage. All our previous knowledge receives elevation.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/1/20

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