The Long Road To The Question About The Meaning Of Life

laitman_760.3Question: In the parable about the shield and sword, the king presents his son with a weapon without first teaching him how to use it, and goes into hiding. Why didn’t he show his son how to fight enemies knowing that they will attack him?

Answer: Don’t you feel that way in this world? Don’t you feel that you were thrown here and you exist not knowing why and how, and for what? All of a sudden, you are told that there is a science of Kabbalah that will help you feel yourself in the upper world and learn the purpose of your existence.

After all, really, you are lost and do not know anything. This is indeed our state in the material world. Therefore, first of all, let’s define that we are truly in such a state.

Now another question: Why are we given a state in which we exist like animals, not knowing where we are, what for, and why?

We develop over thousands of years like animals until we gradually become humans. Then, we continue developing for thousands more years until from so-called humans grows something that starts to ask questions such as: “Why do I exist?” “Who am I?” “What is life’s purpose?” “What is the meaning of life?” “What happens to me before birth and after death?” Tens of thousands of years pass until humanity begins to think about this and ask questions because in each generation egoism grows and gradually develops us. Now we are thinking: why is all this necessary? Do we really need it? There are many questions that arise that are very difficult to find answers to.

Why don’t we get an answer right away? It is in order for us to comprehend our question first. Believe me, it is not that simple. For a long time, maybe even a few years, you will be tormented until this question fully ripens in you. Only then will you see the answer in it.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 4/7/19

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