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As long as a person isn’t sure that by himself, he won’t be able to attain the quality of bestowal, he won’t be able to ask the Creator for this. Hence he must do everything to attain the quality of bestowal on his own.
Only the numerous disappointments of one’s attempts will create a demand to the Creator to receive the quality of bestowal.

A person is the only creation. Everything around him is attributed to the Creator. By asking for others, one asks for the Creator’s revelation. Hence one should ask only for others. Create an inner fence that checks and opens only thoughts of bestowal to others and the Creator.

A plea to the Creator takes place in the heart—in the desire, which a person wishes to change from reception to bestowal. Since this is against nature, only the Creator Himself can perform such a change. Therefore a person’s entreaty to the Creator solves everything.

Zohar. Hukat 78: The light above may be evoked only by the right request. Everyone turns to the Creator, but few are able to reach the Creator with their plea. That is because the Creator accepts only genuine requests.
From Twitter, 7/6/19

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