How To Respond To The Creator’s Tremors

laitman_527.02Question: How does one properly respond to the internal shocks that are awakened by the Creator? Should we disagree with what He sent? After all, He is “the good that does good.” How can I be against what He aroused in me?

Answer: No way! You should react only in the direction of even greater connection between us. Only in this way can you force His influence on us to be more positive and kind. To the extent of our connection between us, we influence Him in such a way that we positively change His governance.

Question: How do I recognize that He pushes me precisely to that, exactly toward what He is correcting?

Answer: For this you have to listen to Kabbalists. Until you enter the system, you will not recognize anything.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 3/17/19

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