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The Creator hears everyone’s prayers.
He broke the general desire of ADAM into pieces so that each desire would ask for unity—to rise from separation and, united, achieve the state where the general power of love and connection can be revealed, called “The Creator.”

There are 2 opposing forces in the embryo that gradually form it. He needs support, protection from Klipot or miscarriage, restriction. Subject to the desires of the Creator and of his mother, he eats what she eats, without choice. Therefore, he has no name yet.

The Creator hears the prayers of everyone, but only of one kind “To Raise Divinity from the Dust”—so that the importance of bestowal is above all. An answer to it comes as deliverance from egoism. In the measure of deliverance from egoism, we will reveal the Creator in us.

“Raising Divinity from the Dust” is raising the greatness of the Creator, which is lower in us than all the desires of this world, to raise it to the highest level. A prayer is precisely for the greatness of the Creator in our eyes.

Concealments and contradictions are sent in the degree and character necessary to cause the manifestation of the greatness of the Creator. Since the fulfillment by the greatness of the Creator is a spiritual Kli in which the Creator is revealed.
The greatness of the Creator is OH, reflected light, when the Creator is more important to me than I am.

Each contradiction is an opportunity to reveal a special attainment. And those worthy of it turn darkness into light, bitterness into sweetness, since the forces of concealment and separation have turned into attainment of unity for them.
And they themselves started tilting the whole world to the scale of merit.

One cannot sense evil from the Creator. For it is detrimental to His greatness to manifest Himself so in front of man. Therefore, when a person feels evil, in himself or in the world, to that extent the Creator disappears from him. And this is the worst punishment in the world—the concealment of the Creator.
(Baal HaSulam, “Night of the Bride,” p .38)

Baal HaSulam: As the Creator does not think about Himself, whether He exists or rules the creation, neither should the one who wishes to resemble the Creator think about it.
Otherwise, he is far from the Creator and is not similar to Him.
“All your actions should be for the sake of the Creator, with the desire to enter and remain in this quality of love and bestowal.”

Divinity is a network of connections between us, desires for each other, through which love and connection circulate. This is the Creator.
The Creator responds only to the request “To raise the Divinity from non-existence,” a request for unity for deliverance of everyone by raising above the ego.

The smallest spiritual degree is called an Embryo. Because a person must go with his eyes closed as the body fights it, but he overcomes the body’s resistance by annulling himself before the Creator, so that the Creator can do what He wants with him.
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Baal HaSulam (Letter 8): When those immersed in #egoism undergo the horrors of their pride, distant from the Creator, the entrance to the heart of stone opens and they become worthy of feeling a “drop of unity.”
They change and discover that it is the fears that lead to the attainment of the Creator…

Baal HaSulam: Why do thoughts and actions appear that are contrary to the good Upper governance?
So that, if one wishes to rise above them, with thoughts and actions contradicting the Absolute, he draws the “Greatness of the Creator” to these contradictions.
Contradictions are the reason for revelation of the greatness of the Creator.

Rabash (Article 21): Sensing the greatness of the Creator, a person is ready to work without any reward. The reward is serving the Creator, which is greater than any riches when the Creator allows a person to serve Him.
Therefore, it is necessary to focus on how to achieve the sensation of greatness of the Creator.

The main prayer is for the Creator to give the opportunity to go by faith above reason, in joy, as if he had already achieved everything, and he only asks for the strength to be above demands of the body. But he doesn’t want to see the Creator’s power because it will harm the faith in Him.

One must remain in joy regardless of the state he is in, because it comes from the Creator in order for the person to accept it as the best for himself, since the Creator has decided so. This is called receiving without any conditions.

If one can limit himself and refrain from wanting more, and is willing to stay this way forever—this is called eternal adhesion. And its magnitude is irrelevant—even if it is negligibly small, but he agrees to stay with it forever, it means that he has earned eternal adhesion.

The embryo, from the word “unhappy” (Ibur-avra), because you have to surrender yourself to the Creator who’s greatness seems like a point. Therefore, at first, he sees how far from the Creator he is, but if he is not indifferent to it, his gestation has already begun because the feeling of Hisaron is a Kli.

#Antisemitism of the left and the right unites the Jews of the #USA.
They did not think that they would be confronted with universal anti-Semitism in #America in the 21st century, although in my speech at #IAC 5 years ago, I spoke precisely about this >>

Now it is here! Believe me, salvation lies only in unity!
[Israeli-American Council (IAC)]

#Antisemitism of the left and the right unites the Jews of the #USA.
At the #AIPAC meeting, the #Jews stopped arguing about #Israel.
Anti-Semitism in America makes one think of his own safety.
They are focused on the problem of what will happen to them.
#jewish #security #america
Only the method of connection will help!
#Antisemitism #politics #bipartisan

#England is divided over #Brexit. Either way it will be bad.
Kabbalah: we must act in the direction of general correction according to “Love will cover all crimes.” Everyone should strive to create good relations despite the differences, for solutions for this and other problems will come from these attempts.
#EU #europe #TheresaMay #politics
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