Why Does Humanity Have No Knowledge Of The Purpose Of Creation?

laitman_423.02Remark: If a person doesn’t read Rabash or Baal HaSulam, he would not know about the purpose of creation. It seems odd because humanity has made so many advancements and conducted a lot of research, but still has not come to this realization.

My Comment: This is because the human mind is not ready for it. People speak of nature being an interconnected single organism, but a person cannot adapt to this because he is different from it. He is not integrally connected to nature or society, and thus cannot achieve it on his own. He has no integral mind, no integral sensitivity or perception.

He is characterized by an egoistic perception, an egoistic connection with the rest of the world: take, grab, seize. Not being integrally connected with the world, he is separated from it, he remains inside himself. Therefore, it is very difficult to understand, perceive or feel nature as perfectly holistic and integral.

Kabbalah gradually begins to develop within us our integral perception of reality. Moreover, it says that you see the reality that you create yourself. Here you see a clash with modern psychology. You begin to perceive yourself as a projector of reality: you create the world, you depict it.

In the end, it turns out that there is no reality, it is all inside you. It follows that you have to, somehow, change yourself in order to investigate it. You get the opportunity to do this, by developing yourself, by becoming integral. You then begin to use yourself like a machine, like a laboratory. In other words, by changing your qualities you feel how the reality you feel changes.

You depict it, you create it, and you become the Creator of your reality, of your life. Also, you see how all the people, the animals, the vegetative, and the inanimate world, including all the cosmos, are a projection of your inner qualities: inanimate, vegetative, animate and human components—the first, second, third, and fourth stages of your egoism.

You can see whether this reality is corrected, meaning whether it is integrally connected with the other parts.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 12/8/18

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