In What Should We Agree With The Creator?

laitman_963.7Question: How and in what should one agree with the Creator, and where does one insist on one’s own will?

Answer: It is necessary to agree with the Creator in everything except for one aspect: constantly chase Him so that He will lift you spiritually.

It is best to do this by showing your desire to the Creator. For example, I am with my friends in a group and show Him that I want Him to create a pure, spiritual, non-egoistic mutual connection between us. In this way, I do not leave Him. I demand the fulfillment of a desire from Him, I call on Him to do so.

Question: Does that mean that the entire world and all its problems are necessary only to push a person into such a relationship?

Answer: Only for this. For everything to come together to connect into a single system—a common soul. It is this soul, which, as stated in the Torah, broke into billions of tiny pieces during the so-called fall, that we must assemble with the help of the upper Light.

But when the Light collects these fragments and begins to bring them together, they rub against each other with their sharp edges that cut, scrape, and do not want to reunite. This is the way the Light gathers us.

Therefore, we can only do it if we wish to rise in connection and love above the cutting sensations. If not, then we will remain lonely fragments, and the upper Light will continue to grind on us all the time. Imagine it as glass fragments that are thrown into a spinning drum and begin to rotate in it.

Question: Where is the person’s choice?

Answer: Do you have a choice? Are you born of your choice? Do you live by your choice? What did you choose in life? Nothing.

The choice is only in the “spinning drum”: to reach a state where you voluntarily want to connect with the others.

Remark: They say that there is no coercion in spirituality…

My Comment: If you wish to unite voluntarily, the coercion stops.

Question: What must happen for a person to voluntarily desire it?

Answer: Attract the upper Light. When it comes, it feels bad, it is darkness, great suffering. When you attract it, that’s good.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/1/18

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