Voluntary Slavery: Performing The Laws Of Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanToday, we are in a special state, when for the first time humanity no longer understands its desire. A very important change is taking place: All of humanity is shifting from the first, “still,” degree to the second, “vegetative,” degree. For now, this is not clear to us, but it’s only the beginning.

Gradually, we will understand that nature, our desires, the upper governance, and our usual, familiar life, everything is relative, dependent on some factor that is unknown to us, that we cannot feel or take into account. We call this factor society, the environment, the global and integral humanity, a new connection between us that is being revealed today. But in reality, a person is shown that he is completely dependent on all of humanity; we are entirely in its hands.

We are currently exiting the unconscious subordination to the upper governance, under which we meekly existed at the “still level,” believing that this was the only way of life and that we must get used to it because there’s nothing else. But now, we are being shown in this life another component, another factor: the environment. In fact, it’s not an external environment, but the upper force that is being revealed to us. A person begins to feel that he depends on the environment, the environment depends on him, and they mutually influence each other.

In essence, this is the revelation of the Creator’s governance with respect to a human being. And according to this, a person will change to escape impending problems and troubles since he remains in the desire to enjoy. Various phenomena are starting to unfold before him, and he feels that he is a receiver. He sees that there is someone, a big giver, the environment, the world, that he depends on. Thus, the revelation of the Light, the upper governance relative to man, occurs.

And when a person understands that everything depends completely on the environment, he enters the second stage of development: “vegetative.” He has to give to a community which he receives from, realizing that the law of reciprocity exists, and that it won’t be good for him or the society if he only receives.

He no longer rigidly divides the world into two parts: himself and “them,” meaning everyone else. Being at the “still level,” he sought only to receive, but because he was unaware and did so instinctively, it did not count as reception; he was only obeying his nature.

And now, when he rises to the “vegetative degree,” he must perform conscious actions and give in return. That is, he has to change his behavior, which at the still degree was considered 100 percent correct, even though he stole and took for himself since his nature obliged him to do so.

Now, he is given a little bit of freedom from his own nature, and accordingly, he must give to the environment. The whole world must come to this; we must learn to not only receive, but to give as well.

Thus, we fulfill the still degree of our development. All of the other degrees: vegetative, animate, and human will add to the first, still, degree. To the extent that I reveal my egoism above the still degree, to that extent, I will correct my egoistic inclination and return to the still degree to carrying out the laws of nature like a slave, but voluntarily.

Therefore, everything is based on the still level. Inside this HaVaYaH is the entire creation and the attitude of the upper force towards it.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/26/2011Shamati #115

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  1. My understanding is when a person sees those who receive for themselves or who are not receiving to give, as an extension of him/herself then he/she is perceiving God. Because the Creator exists in the connections of bestowal between us and in seeing others as connected to us. And this connection we receive is the Upper Light.

  2. I am that i am
    i am that I am

    A human exists so that society exists and society exists so that humans can exist. The scales share and work together. One is for all, and all is for one. The tree of life. Cells unto man, and man unto his cells. Man unto Gaia, and Gaia unto man. This is like the golden ratio, and extends infinitely in all directions (big small etc)

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