Egoism At The Finish Line

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does the science of Kabbalah say about the current moment? How can it help us in this important transition period?

Answer: We live in a special time. Our world stands at the threshold of the ascent to a new, inner, spiritual, stage of development of the human within us.

Until now, as the science of Kabbalah explains, we were developing naturally, obeying the impulses of our egoism. It forced us to transform society, change family life, develop technologies, reshape countries and formations, and introduce changes in education and culture. We were always headed in the direction that the natural inner urge pulled us towards.

But today we have reached a certain satiation. The world as though ceases to provide us with pleasures. It no longer satisfies us economically: We feel certain barriers preventing us from moving on. The American theory of the consumer society with infinite growth of exports and imports, with unlimited technological and productive capacity has exhausted itself. Moreover, we have transitioned to the downward trend, to decline, which, according to economists, will be long, and no one knows when it will end.

According to the science of Kabbalah, the way we understand it today, the crisis will never end. At this stage of development, we have realized our egoism, as well as the potential of the surrounding nature, causing terrible distress to it. As a result, we are on the verge of collapse in the areas of human and social development, education, and ecology.

In this situation, we need to consider what has happened to us. Are we going to continue in this manner? We have literally ruined ourselves, having evidently made a mistake in our objectives and goals. Do we want to increase consumption, thereby destroying the environment? Do we want to get stuck in our “mechanical” race?

Having hardly used manufactured goods, we throw them away to buy new ones. And this is our life. Would we want to fill our being with similar games in wealth, honor, and power? Is the meaning of human life in monthly changes of mobile devices and other symbols of consumption?

Today, the process that we are going through forces us to slow down and invites us to reflect on it. Evidently, there is a different program built in Nature, and we have to look into it.

Universal wisdom, general balance, homeostasis, which we discover in Nature, remains outside of man. For Nature, a human being is a foreign element, a cancerous tumor, devouring its environment and itself.

We are destroying human society, spoiling ourselves and our children, distorting everything, and leaving ourselves no opportunity for correct existence. If we look at the world “from aside,” people seem to be blind, moving along a suicidal path. They continue to play power games, to destroy themselves, children, society, and the future, and are not aware of this.

That is why we are in the crisis. In fact, this is not a crisis. This is salvation. Today, when all the systems created by us are collapsing, we get a clear sign which leads us to the point of truth. Finally, we can see that we have no choice but a radical change of attitude towards life.

Instead of continuing to roll down towards self-destruction, what is still wanted by politicians, economists, and, indeed, by the greater part of humanity, all the people, communities, and organizations who already see what is happening must together work out a new approach towards the world and nature, in order to move on in a different way.

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  1. I agree with you, the way governments, educational organizations and other groups run the world is egoistic and thus destroying or harming itself for the long run. Without knowing why, our governments and organizations develop problems and suffer from it. It’s why resources get exhausted and economies struggle.

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