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The Mutual Guarantee Movement
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The Nation Is Ready For Mutual Guarantee

1. We

We are one nation who must unite by the ties of mutual concern in the feeling of warmth and love as one family. We are those who are convinced that the unity of the nation is above all else, higher than narrow party calculations and personal benefits. Are we naive? No, we absolutely are not. We understand that it will take time to achieve the unity we seek, but we also realize that we must act. Therefore, we have founded the Mutual Guarantee (הדדית ערבות) movement, an apolitical, public movement, open to everyone.

Our objective is to make mutual guarantee the central topic of discussion in society. “Mutual guarantee” are not just nice words. Mutual Guarantee is the only way to achieve prosperity in our beloved country. Mutual Guarantee is the only method to succeed in a world that today is being revealed to us in its global form.

The Mutual Guarantee movement has existed for 20 years, but we have lived and breathed these values throughout the millennia. These values, which have shaped our nation, are unity, brotherhood, and mutual concern.

For these 20 years, each conversation, every lecture, and every meeting began and ended with the words “mutual guarantee.” Twenty years ago, we were alone. Our voice was barely heard, but today, our movement includes tens of thousands of people in Israel and more than two million worldwide. We are from Eastern and Western countries, Israeli-born and immigrants, secular and religious, students and professors, homeowners and those struggling to make ends meet.

This development is not accidental. Over the years, more and more people have begun to discover and feel the power and life force hidden in the words “Mutual Guarantee.”

This must become everyone’s business. Why?

Reality is obligating us to do this.

Today, there are hundreds of articles, dozens of scientific papers, and numerous statements by politicians with one message that pervades them all: In this era of globalization, we are all in the same boat.

Today’s reality is the global world. One crisis follows another. As much as we might try, we simply cannot escape the normal connection between us within the nation and our normal connection with the entire world.

We cannot be both “for” and “against,” and we are all sailing in the same boat.

This boat is starting to fill with water. It has a hole in it that is getting bigger all the time.

The Split in Society

No one person is to blame for the rift between us; we created it together. Every day, more water is seeping into our collective boat. If it sinks, it will drag all of us down to the depths. This includes those in the luxurious first-class cabins, those in the tight passenger cabins, those in sleeping bags on the deck, and even those standing at the helm, all of us.

Some may not be frightened by this and think that in the meantime, they do not have to pay attention. However, inside ourselves, we already feel that we must repair the hole in the boat. We simply must, and we can do this only together on the basis of mutual agreement and understanding.

The Mutual Guarantee movement has come out with this message. Why?

The time of guarantee has arrived.

2. Mutual Guarantee Is a Practical Solution

Each of us has the right to a decent, safe life, but we cannot achieve this if we do not fulfill the primary condition of

Mutual Guarantee. Why?

Regardless of the fact that the demands of the nation are fair and urgent, these are just the symptoms of the burning wound that is the split in society: the indifference toward one’s fellow man. This is the gaping hole at the bottom of our collective boat. The elimination of this indifference should become our top priority.

Transferring money from the rich to the poor or from the defense budget for the construction of housing, replacing indirect taxes with direct taxes, and making changes in the government are attempts to affect the symptoms. Moving money from place to place only rocks the boat; water will continue to seep in.

Yes, it is necessary to deal with everyday problems. Without doing so, we cannot think about tomorrow. However, in parallel with this, it is impossible to forget that the true solution to the economic and social problems, as well as the problems of our very existence is only in mutual guarantee.

What is mutual guarantee? It is internal security.

When mutual guarantee is between us:

  • We do not oppress the weak nor offend another because mutual guarantee means mutual responsibility.
  • It is important to me that I am not the only one that has a job that provides me with a decent income.
  • There is no place where we would consume to excess while another does not have enough bread.
  • We do not evade taxes because by doing so, we would be stealing from the collective family pantry.
  • We do not rent out an apartment at an inflated price because we would not treat our own child in this way.
  • We cannot be happy if all others are not happy as well.

Mutual guarantee is when I can stop taking care of my simplest, basic needs and become free from worrying about myself. Why? It’s because all the others take care of me, and I take care of them, like in a family.

3. What Needs To Be Done?

Urgent Actions

We must take care of everyone’s basic needs. How? We will do this like in one family. All of us, at the round table—the nation’s representatives, politicians, economists, and sociologists—decide together what is the best for our large family.

The state has an income. It also has expenses. Let’s think about how to distribute them in the best way for everyone, and it has to be done openly.

How To Make Decisions

Again, we must make decisions like in a family. In a loving and caring family, even when we do not agree, we act for the benefit of the family. For example, one is lazy, another is brilliant, and a third one is ambitious. We are not equal, but as in a family, our role is to try to provide everyone with what he needs. Are there those who lack rights? We should take care of them first.

Our goal is not to introduce a new economic program, but a correct approach. If we begin and end each action with the thought of unity between us, everything will be achievable.

Look at the Root

We need to change the surrounding society. Countless studies in the fields of psychology and social science prove that society determines the scale of human values. Society defines what we buy, how we look, how we behave, and what we think about.

The best evidence of this is what has been happening in Israel in recent weeks. Suddenly, everyone has begun to talk about social justice. It is true that those who set up tents on Rothschild Boulevard ignited this fire, but who is fanning the flames?

The Media

Therefore, the first step is to seek changes in the media. Today, there is no need for shows and entertaining programs that inflate the ego. It is possible to organize no less entertaining programs that are filled with love and care about the fellow human.

Today’s media is out of date. The media is based on ratings, depending on profit and loss that bring us meaningless and empty values.

We need new media that show that the ego does not win, but only loses. We need media that illustrate that we are united, even without wishing it so.

The media should become the environment that connects us. Constantly.

The Internet

Today, the Internet is more important than the media. Its strength lies in the connection that it has established between billions of people. On all the platforms offered by the social networks such as Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter, we should freely and openly discuss ways of implementing Mutual Guarantee between us, discuss human nature, the situation in the world, and the essence of the problem and how to resolve it. The Internet allows us to rise above the external differences that divide us and it may become the environment where we will educate ourselves.

Speaking of education…

Revolution in Education

Our beloved children are growing up in an unacceptable reality. Explicit violence, indifference and contempt, estrangement and lack of faith fill their surroundings, and we cannot save them.

Investing in our children is our highest priority, and its fruit is the only hope for everyone. Therefore, the true goal of education should not be filling up a child with knowledge, but forming a human, a human who has power and the ability to cope with the complex reality that awaits him after graduation.

The system is not to blame. The problem is neither lack of teacher support nor children’s restlessness. The problem here is the same as in the media and other fields: It is in the approach.

This is because schools, the purpose of which is to prepare children for life, have not changed since the industrial revolution. However, the world has changed. Everyone understands that.

To correct the world means to correct education.

The method to implement such changes exists. We, the founders of the Mutual Guarantee movement, have been developing it for several years.

This is not just another reform, but a real change in concept.

The picture will change from a tired teacher, standing in front of disobedient children, to an educator with a gleam of enthusiasm in his eyes who sits in a circle with children or friends.

In this method, the older students teach the younger ones, and it is based on personal example and learning games. This method gives children the necessary life skills. This methodology fills life with hope and joy. Its detailed description will be presented in a separate booklet.

4. WE

We have been alone too long. We have forgotten what it means to look into each other’s eyes. We miss Mutual Guarantee; we miss it very much.

If we were to surround everyone in the country with Mutual Guarantee, as a mother wraps her baby in love, each of us would feel the warmth and confidence that a child receives from his mother. This confidence will allow us not to be concerned with ourselves. Then, we will be able to give further, to one more person, and to one more… to everyone.

Thus, we will bring love to our home. Forever.

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  1. This is wonderful! So very wonderful!

  2. I am intrigued and energized by the concepts presented here. Yet during group communications questions are not answered. There is a fear among those in leadership roles to address any questions. So I ask … why can’t the … “picture change from a tired teacher, standing in front of disobedient children, to an educator with a gleam of enthusiasm in his eyes who sits in a circle with children or friends. In this method, the older students teach the younger ones, and it is based on personal example and learning games? This method gives children the necessary life skills.” …. We’re all groping around like children looking for proper instructions? Can we get that from one another?

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