Affecting The Program of the Creator

laitman_214Question: Suppose there is an earthquake somewhere and a war somewhere else. Who determines it? How does it happen?

Answer: There is one single force that permeates the whole world. It does it all. It reacts to everything, including all our movements. This force, called Shechina (Divinity), constantly makes a clear calculation based on our actions and reactions on how to lead us to full compliance with it in the most optimal way.

Question: What is the Kabbalist’s partnership with the Creator about? Can he somehow change these actions?

Answer: By his actions, a Kabbalist absolutely consciously affects the program of the Creator, constantly improving it. He draws the whole world after him. Then, the Creator changes His governance from unsatisfactory to good.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/3/18

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