How Humanity Can Acquire A New Characteristic

laitman_229Question: How can an ordinary person become like the Creator?

Answer: According to one’s characteristics. All the properties of a person are diametrically opposed to the upper force. One must begin to transform them.

All that there is in me, I have to gradually learn to transform to the opposite, as in a mirror. This is not complicated.

It turns out that I do not even have to dig into yourself or learn anything! After all, I do not know the Creator and do not know or His properties. Therefore, I have to come to a group of people who have opinions like His, preferably no more than ten people, and begin to get closer to them according to a method that the wisdom of Kabbalah explains to us.

Getting closer happens in spite of our rejection, mistrust, and hostility, changing us and making us like the Creator.

We do not have to change themselves. This convergence will automatically transform us. We need only to start looking for a common language between us. You can not imagine how easy it works. Convergence gradually change us to complete similarity to the Creator.

Question: How do we attain the characteristics of the Creator?

Answer: Those who study the wisdom of Kabbalah attain this in the connection between them.

Comment: Group work is well known to humanity, for example, in Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, etc.

Answer: In many cases group work is a positive factor and the means for getting out of difficult situations. But in the groups of those who study Kabbalah, the intention is to acquire the unique characteristic of becoming like the upper force according to the method of study of the Kabbalists.

Question: Is it necessary for a person to have a desire to resemble the Creator from the start?

Answer: Yes, one must have the desire now, specifically while living in this world, to reveal the upper force, eternity, wholeness, the next state.

Question: And what if this desire doesn’t exist in a person?

Answer: This desire exists in everyone, but it is blurry, closed by an egoistic layer. A person rejects it; he doesn’t want to think about it. Why should he think about something that might be in the future that is not clear when, where, and how while he has needs here and now? This is how he manages to confuse himself to the end of his life and suddenly life is over and he dies.

The amazing opportunity to do something with himself disappears. Just before death, a person feels bitterness that he lived his life this way.

In contrast, working in a group of ten people according to the method of Kabbalah, one begins to clean the egoistic layer, like in an archaeological excavation. The connection between us that was formerly called a group or the world and was our common egoism changes into an altruistic connection and mutual love. This new characteristic is called the Creator. Participation in a study group like this is like flying upward, leading to the next level of development.

People who study stop feeling themselves as existing in a body; they begin to believe, see, and discover the next system of existence. All of humanity must achieve this development because we have existed on the face of the Earth throughout all the generations for this purpose.
From KabTV’s “The Wisdom of Kabbalah and Science” 1/25/16

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