A State-Of-The-Art Inner Connection

laitman_941The feeling of connection of the hearts above the differences and borders, a common ground where there was no small or big group, new or veterans, participating as equals, everyone included as in one body. Barriers of distance and language disappeared to get the taste of one Kli around the world, a new degree of connection, building a mutual deficiency in our shared vessel. That is the goal achieved in our first World Virtual Kabbalah Convention this weekend where thousands of my students connected in their local groups and virtually from all around the world.

We began to feel the spiritual qualities not in each of us individually, but between us, men and women aiming at the same exalted goal of the revelation of the Creator in our time. This convention has strengthened our Kli. It has brought us one step further to grasp and implement the concepts we study during the lesson, becoming closer to one another and discovering a new reality, the renewal of our common Kli. Let’s continue this ongoing effort until we attain the purpose of creation!

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