Celebrate The Holiday Looking To The Future

laitman_237You should always remain in the middle line, instead of jumping from one extreme to the other, from exhilaration and euphoria to utter dismay and criticism. That is not the right approach. I can remain joyful during a big descent and calm during a strong ascent because I keep holding on to the goal.

My mood is determined by the extent to which my states are aimed at the goal. Therefore, there cannot be powerful mood swings if everything is connected and leads to one goal. I am then safe from sharp mood changes, like a child who either laughs or cries, but I constantly check my states as to whether they are serving the goal.

If we hold on to the goal, then during good or hard times, we would not succumb to the momentary moods, we would feel about the same level.

In honor of the celebration of the 70th anniversary of Israel, we remembered a lot from our great history. But I would have celebrated this holiday differently, not delving in the past, but emphasizing the future, showing that the State of Israel is a symbol of a new beginning for all of humanity, the unity around the idea of attainment of the Creator that refers to absolutely everyone the same way.

This is exactly what the people of Israel returned to their land for. We are celebrating the fact that we and all of humanity received an opportunity of a new beginning, a new renaissance. This is what we want to show ourselves and the world; this is the real holiday, not the suffering that we’ve endured in the past.

We have to advertise not our past, but our future that belongs to the entire world. Israel is a special country, unlike any other. So we should not pride ourselves too much on our material achievements in high tech and agriculture. The main thing that brings us joy is the ability to guarantee humanity a happy future. That would be a real holiday and a lift in spirit!

The science of Kabbalah is an ancient science with thousands of years of history. But the main thing is that it guarantees the world a good future. 1
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/20/18, Lesson on the topic of “Discovering the Creator’s Force in the Ten” (Preparation for the Convention “All As One” in New Jersey 2018)
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