The White Spot On The Map Of The Universe

laitman_942Our entire work is to find out where we have freedom of will and how to use it correctly. Everything comes from the Creator: the Light, the desire to bestow, and the desire to receive pleasure. But where do we find something that depends on us when the Light and the desire contact and interact with one another?

Did the Creator intentionally leave this area free, the middle third of the Sefira Tifferet, where independence was given to us? Or does He only pretend and quietly look after us like we are little children thinking that we are left home alone?

Freedom of will is realized only in the group, in the ten. This is where the Creator is revealed. The point of contact between me, the group, and the Creator is where I reveal this free area in the desire, in the thought, and in the action: the white spot, terra incognita, the unknown land.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/14/18, “The Creator Desires to be Revealed,” (Preparation for Convention 2018)

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