To Reveal The Perfect Reality

laitman_744The Creator initially made the creation perfect because there are no restrictions in time, place, and the performance of any conditions for the upper force.

But with respect to us there is a concealment so that we can attain, reveal, study, and imagine these conditions, the law “There is none else besides Him, the good that does good,” that is, absolute perfection, and become like Him.

Therefore, until we reach the end of correction, all this reality is only represented in our sense organs. And beyond us, there is only the world of infinity where the beginning of creation and its end are not divided. The Creator doesn’t need any means, actions, or intermediate states between the thought and its realization.

We should always envisage ourselves relative to a perfect state although we fail to reveal it, envision it correctly, or even imagine it.

But we must constantly remember that we are always positioned against perfection, each time discovering its shortcomings in small parts to the extent that we are able to resist it and get closer to perfection.

Therefore, any state is welcome. We need to bless it and learn how to properly resist it according to spiritual and material laws, which are also established by the will of the upper force. Therefore, by fulfilling them, we can correct ourselves until at the end of each given state we decide that “there is none else besides Him.” From this one concludes how one should treat all troubles: from health, to external, social, family problems, trying to relate everything to “there is none else besides Him” and in a general way, correct one’s attitude. After all, everything depends only on our attitude: the way we look at reality is the way it appears.
From the 1st part of  the Daily Kabbalah Lesson, 1/8/18, “Lesson on Topic: “Living in the Reality that, ‘There is None else besides Him’”  (Prep for Convention 2018)

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