How To Change The Evil Ruler To Good

laitman_206In today’s world (i.e., in what seems in our sensations as an external reality), our egoism—the qualities opposite to the Creator—rules. To the extent we correct our desire in the direction of bestowal, we will see and agree that the world is ruled not by egoism, not by Pharaoh, but by the Creator.

Everything depends only on us: we change the evil ruler into good. All our work is to reveal the governance of bestowal and love instead of the governance of egoism. This depends on the person because the entire world is a reflection of one’s desires, as it is written, “Everyone judges according to his own flaws.”

A person’s task is to correct his desire so that it does not prevent the Creator from filling it in the same way He fills all the rest of reality. For this, I should not feel myself as separate from the Creator. It is a matter of our perception of reality, which we must correct in order to feel that “The whole earth (desire) is full of His glory,” meaning that the Creator reveals Himself in all of a person’s desires.

Our uncorrected desires that are opposite in form to the Creator are revealed within us, and we need to try to replace them with the principle “There is none else besides Him.”

A person is not capable of doing this alone. He can only imagine it. If he wants to really achieve correction, then his desire should become similar to the Creator, to the qualities of bestowal and love. Therefore, we need to work together with others so that the Creator will rule in the common desire.

This is how, over and over again, we correct more and more of the uncorrected desire that is revealed from the shattering. Through connection with friends, we achieve connection with the Creator and thus correct reality until we see that all of it is filled with only one force and “The whole earth is full of His glory.”
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/8/18, “Life in Reality: There Is None Else Besides Him”

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