Obedience Or Criticism?

laitman_530Remark: You say that one must obey his teacher and listen to his advice without any criticism. On the other hand, I heard you say during the lessons that criticism is important and doubt is unavoidable on the path. Moreover, it helps students in their advancement. Please clarify this contradiction.

My Comment: There is no contradiction here. On one hand, in our movement forward, we have to obey the teacher completely since he sees what we should do many steps ahead and we do not; we could not only make a mistake, but could steer off the path.

On the other hand, when we start advancing following the right direction and the teacher, we can figure out all the nuances of our advancement. And this is considered normal. Naturally, all study is based on questions and answers.

Question: And what about criticism?

Answer: How can you criticize the upper Partzuf if you are not on its level? The teacher has his own intentions and his own plans that you know nothing about because he is on a level higher than you. Therefore, everything that is revealed to him is concealed for you.

Question: If a person starts to criticize us, can he go to another teacher, a third, a fourth, and then realize that the truth is here and come back?

Answer: Generally, yes. But the teacher may not accept him back. However, if you do come back and are accepted, hold on to it with a bulldog’s stranglehold and start advancing.

Question: You say to listen to the teacher in spiritual matters, not corporeal life. But my friends in the group tell me that if I want to advance spiritually, I must imitate my teacher in everything. Is it customary in Kabbalah or not?

Answer: That is Hasidism. No Kabbalist would demand their students to imitate him.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/24/17

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