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#Global_unity: Every nation has a force compelling it to aspire to its traditional form, rejecting outside factors that shake it out of natural state. Therefore, the nations must connect only above their natural egos. And this is only possible with #Kabbalah!

#Concealment_Choice_Faith CONCEALMENT: problems force us to reveal that the Creator fills all of reality and governs it. CHOICE: I exert to picture the Creator’s rule in all of His concealment. FAITH: It is revealed that the Creator truly fills the whole world. #faith

#Freedom: One is responsible only for the actions freely chosen, but not those that happen unwittingly. The environment calibrates him to the right actions, and ultimately determines all of them. That is, #choice is not in which action to take, but which environment to be in!

The Book of Zohar is especially important for our correction. It is the Kabbalistic commentary on the Torah. The Torah contains all the information about the world, but Zohar was written to correct it, precisely for our generation, to reveal the upper light that corrects the soul

If a generation isn’t ready for #correction, the wisdom of Kabbalah remains concealed. Baal HaSulam (Y. Ashlag) wrote many compositions, many of which he concealed and even burned, because he was restricted in disseminating Kabbalah.

#Wisdom_of_Kabbalah was always concealed, for it is revealed only as ppl become ready to correct themselves, i.e. as they recognize the evil in themselves & the world, in order to use the wisdom for the correction. That is why special preparation is required for its revelation.

By taking spiritual (beyond the ego) terms from #kabbalah, ppl described what’s in Kabbalah as happening in our world, without exiting the ego. The description became clear to the masses, leading to study & dissemination in the world. Thus #Theology (root of religions) was born.

We must determine: all the problems are sent by the Creator to force us to turn to Him, put Him between us, or we won’t be able to keep hold in the raging #ego. We must draw Him into our lives. To decide that He determines our existence. To feel the necessity of Him.

The people around me are actually part of me. If I’m in harmony with myself, I’ll be in harmony with them–thus we achieve perfection in the world. To achieve a perfect reality, we must become perfect ourselves. #Reality_ML #success #Wisdom

The #Creator made only one ten (HAVAYA, 4 stages of OY). It has developed, shattered into pieces, souls. So as to attain the Creator in unity. Thus we must organize into tens and unite in a way that the ten assumes the Creator’s form, 10 as 1—and we’ll #reveal_the_Creator.

The common #religion of all nations must compel all societies to carry out the main commandment for all nations: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Aside from this, each nation can adhere to its own customs. Rabbi #Akiva (2nd century AD): “This is the main #Law_of_the_Torah.”

Only in efforts to unite 10 friends as 1, with the help of OM, we attain the quality of love/bestowal, #Creator’s_quality, who clothes into the connection between us. Don’t look for the Creator outside the ten. Not even His concealment exists there—this we also reveal in the 10.

He who overcomes crisis overcomes himself. #success #QouteOfTheDay #Wisdom

The #Creator is a law of nature. Thus, He doesn’t change anything (ani havaya lo shiniti). He’s constant. You’re in a computer program running from the start to the end of creation. But as you become like Him, you reveal everything. This gives the sensation of #eternal_life

Cause of the crisis? A single force entering society without congruence. It’s possible to get rid of fear only by changing it to fear of being distant from the Creator. Being free of fear-in bestowal. The 10 is felt by the Light, being similar to Him. Being equal= complementing

I am an egoist, thinking only of myself. It’s hard to think of US. The #Torah speaks of similarity to the Creator (Adam=similar), achieved via special unity in a group of 10. Precisely unity shapes the image of Adam (soul, similar to the Creator). The Torah speaks of the ten.

To read the #Torah correctly means to imagine not this world to oneself, but the little desires separated from one another by the ego. They are called names, surrounded by nature—inanimate, vegetative and animal desires. #Spiritualwork_ML

When a problem arises, quickly determine that it appeared btwn you and the Creator. And cling to the Creator, like a child, searching for the solution to the problem (new ego Reshimot) in Him. Then realize that it’s not a problem, but a means to compel you to adhere to Him.

#Spiritualwork_ML: If I relate to the friends in the group as the Creator, and they toward me, by Mutual Guarantee, you will begin to sense Him addressing you, manifesting in the world. Concealments will vanish, He’ll be revealed in all. Only man & the Creator remain, in unity

The path of correcting desires to equivalence with the Creator is clear. The desire to understand the #Torah as His work (point in the heart) is given to few. Picturing the Torah stories as a correction of one’s desires is only possible by a group effort to reveal the world.

#Kabbalistic_term: He who overcomes the ego=man. He who submits to the ego=woman. Regardless of #gender. The upper world is revealed as you build it within. All the problems vanish if you accept the Creator’s governance as perfect. I exist in full equivalence to Perfection.

But today the #world is recognizing the ego, lies, purposelessness. The need for change will appear as the chance to escape catastrophe. Thus the prohibition is lifted in our time, revealing the obligation to reveal Kabbalah—the means of correcting self and the world.

As the wisdom of #Kabbalah became revealed, the world would rewrite it into forms clear for the ego. Thus from the wisdom of Kabbalah arose religions, mysticisms, philosophies, sciences. Everything stems from Kabbalah, for it is the science of the essence of nature and the world.

From Twitter, 1/16/18

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