When Opportunities Do Not Coincide With Desires

Laitman_079.01Baal HaSulam, The Writings Of The Last Generation: Ultimately, the diligent class will put to death all the elderly and handicapped who eat and do not work, or even if they eat more than they can work, as it is detrimental to society, as it is known that they have no sentiments.

That is absolutely true! When a person lives to a certain age or can no longer bring real benefit, he is treated as if nobody needs him, let alone the sick.

This would be the natural development of capitalism if it continued. But in principle, it is possible that we can come to this. Then we would have a Spartan society: only young, healthy, and robust people would remain, those who could bring benefit to the elite. And if they were not needed either, then they would be destroyed, leaving, say, one billion out of eight billion.

Remark: According to statistics, the number of elderly people per employed person will increase in Europe by 2030. If today there are 1.5 employed people for every retired person, then in 2030 it will be half. Thus, the standard of living will drop from 30% to 50%.

My Comment: Not necessarily. I think that robotics and automation will help us. But the fact is that there will be no one to feed retired people because the desire to feed them will disappear even though there would be the opportunity to do so.

Our opportunities will not coincide with our desires. Therefore, society will slowly prepare them for disposal through the healthcare system.

Remark: It is hard to believe that we could come to this. On the contrary, today the press cries that old people and disabled people do not receive sufficient benefits.

My Comment: The media does it only under orders—which means that some party does it to get votes and win an election.

Question: Doesn’t public opinion support retired people?

Answer: There is no public opinion. There is an opinion of elites who govern public opinion. All the rest is fake news.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 8/7/17

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