The Way From Chaos To Harmony, Part 3

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It is clear that all the disorder in our lives is caused by the fact that everyone thinks only of themselves. But how do you see a corrected, permanent, perfect state where everyone is in harmony?

Answer: Such a state actually exists in nature, but we do not see it. As it is written: “He who has eyes to see, let him see, and he who has ears to hear, let him hear.” Everyone judges in the measure of his own depravity and perceives the world arranged according to his egoistic reason and feeling. Therefore, we are not able to see how perfect nature is and we consider ourselves smarter than nature.

It turns out that we do not see the truth and are plunging into greater chaos all the time. Egoism grows bigger and bigger, and our ability to cope with it is melting in front of our eyes. The situation is becoming critical, and soon we will finally destroy humanity in nuclear world wars, as Kabbalists warn.

The only way out is to get to know the system of nature. We will either discover through suffering that nature is perfect and only we are spoiled, or we will begin to understand the system of nature through studying the wisdom of Kabbalah.

The power of bestowal, connection, and reciprocity reign in nature—the exact opposite to what a person lives on—that is, the power of receiving, personal domination, envy, and hatred.

Question: Where do you see mutual assistance and connection in nature?

Answer: We do not see it when we look at it with our own egoistic eyes. On the contrary, it seems to us that in nature there is a fierce struggle for existence where the strongest wins.

But if we look deeper, the question arises: where does life come from? This very life in which completely different opposing forces suddenly somehow miraculously complete each other and create all possible varieties of creatures: inanimate matter, plants, animals, and humans.

How is it possible that opposing forces wishing to destroy each other suddenly connect and even complete each other, sacrifice one for the sake of the other, because without this life is impossible. Where does it come from?

If you look more closely at nature, as, for example, bio-cybernetics does, which studies the systems existing in living organisms, you will see how one thing completes the other. All these systems operate on the basis of completely different forces, and it only seems to us in our faulty perception that everyone wants to swallow others and forcefully establish their power.

If it were so, then life would never be able to exist because it is based on bestowal, concessions, on my concern for someone who will then help me, and so generation after generation. This is completely different from what appears to our superficial glance.
From KabTV’s “New Life #912” 10/24/16

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