Why Does Nature Punish Us? Part 3

laitman_763.3Question: Today “climate engineering” is developing rapidly. This means that instead of fighting for the preservation of the environment, people are trying to intervene in natural processes, and, with the help of advanced technologies, to manage the climate, cool the globe, change the structure of the atmosphere and the state of the oceans, and so on.

People try to restore balance in nature with the help of modern technology. Is this good for humanity, or conversely, is this a great danger?

Answer: Of course, we have to pay in this way for our wrong reaction, building earthquake-resistant homes and protecting ourselves from the blows of nature. However, this still will not help because we ourselves evoke these natural disasters through our wrong behavior.

We must understand that a person’s thoughts and desires are at the highest level of all the forces that exist in the universe. Therefore, just with our thoughts, desires, and intentions we inflict the main damage to nature.

Man is the bearer of the negative force in nature, since he is guided only by the force of reception. Therefore, we need to balance ourselves with the force of bestowal. In a natural way, every person acts in society trying to receive everything for himself. Yet, in accordance with this, we must develop an ability to give in ourselves. Then balance will be established between us and from humanity it will spread to the rest of nature.

Question: Let’s say, we begin treating each other well and there will be love and bestowal, complete harmony between all people and all nations, how can it stop volcanic eruption or a tsunami?

Answer: Our thoughts and desires are also forces of nature. Man is part of nature, the crown of its development. How are we different from all other parts of nature? We have science, intelligence and more developed feelings. Although these feelings are evil, they are more developed compared to animals, and because of this we are called man, human.

The only problem is that we do not use our forces correctly. We think that we can live as instinctively as animals, without reaching love for our neighbor, and without exploring our influence on the world. Yet, this is not right, because we belong to the human degree. And being human is first of all science, reason, and feelings, which elevate us to the very top of the pyramid.

It turns out that unlike all other levels of nature—inanimate, vegetative, and animate—that are instinctively included into one system called “nature,” man separates himself from it.

We are obliged to complement the system of nature through our participation, joining it together with all others. Due to the fact that we balance our feelings, mind, and the negative force of our egoism with the positive force, we will reach a good connection with all parts of creation.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/10/17

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