My Thoughts On Twitter, 11/18/17


As Rabash writes (V2, letter 15), man is an egoist. If he studied #Kabbalah and left it, as he distances from it, he begins opposing it. The higher you were, the lower you fall. So, don’t be surprised at the many former friends now criticizing Kabbalah. It is a law of correction!

As Kabbalah predicted, #fascism is naturally rising in our time. But if we exert effort in educating the generation, it’s possible to turn fascism to its opposite—socialism. Not the Soviet kind, but one that arises consciously, as a result of educating society.

Two types of concealment: 1. Simple concealment—one senses and hence approves the Creator’s concealment, asks not for revelation but adhesion, thus gladdening the Creator. 2. Double concealment—one doesn’t sense that concealment is from the Creator, and hence cannot ask for help.

Our mind cannot understand how you can bestow to the Creator without receiving, since no movement is possible without profit. But this quality draws light, and then one already senses and understands the Creator. To draw the #light, one must exert, then despair & ask the Creator.

All creation comprises 1.Desire to bestow (light) & 2.Desire to enjoy (vessel). Changes are only possible in the vessel’s intention: to bestow for oneself or for the Creator. The filling of the vessel with #light happens as their intentions to enjoy for each other’s sakes align.

The Creator’s #revelation manifests through his alternating concealments and revelations—to discover that there’s no other force besides Him. No space free of Him. I am a black point from which this can be revealed. This state is called adhesion, the purpose of development.

The difficulty isn’t in caring only about the Creator instead of yourself, but feeling as if I’m leaving this whole world, but not sensing the Creator. I’d give up everything to unite with Him. So, most important is to achieve the sensation that the Creator fills the whole world.

From Twitter, 11/18/17

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