Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 4/23/17, Part 2

laitman_627.1Question: If the soul is one for all, and the soul is similarity to the Creator in terms of qualities, does it mean that the similarity to the Creator is also one for all?

Answer: No, each one has his own part. After all, we all are parts of the common soul and each part is completely unique. To become similar to the Creator means to transform one’s part from an egoistic form into an altruistic one, according to who you are by nature.

Question: Is it true according to Kabbalah that the more you are disgusted by a person, the more you fill your soul by loving him?

Answer: The greater the minus, the greater is the plus created above it, and consequently, the greater your soul is.

Question: Why is it sometimes said that a soul is a part of the Creator and sometimes, that this is a creation, a desire to receive?

Answer: It’s the same because according to its filling, a soul is the Light, and according to its nature, it is a creation, the desire that is opposite to the Creator. In other words, a soul consists of two opposite parts.

Question: What is the freewill of my soul if the beginning and the end are determined by the Creator?

Answer: The freewill is in reaching this end on your own, so that you are not urged “to happiness by the stick,” but you aspire to it yourself.

Question: If I love people and help them, will the Creator pass the Light through me?

Answer: No. The Creator will do nothing through you just so. Only if, while being in the group, you fulfill all the conditions that are described in the Kabbalistic sources.

Question: Is Kabbalah a science about love?

Answer: Yes, true love is something that arises as a result of realizing Kabbalah.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/23/17

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