Why Are We All Becoming Increasingly More Intolerant?

laitman_547.06In the News (BBC): “In the US, Australia and Europe, the gap between liberals and conservatives, the left and the right is widening. Look at social media, and it can feel like antipathy towards the other side is becoming increasingly intense.

“In the US, for example, ‘very unfavourable’ views of the other party more than doubled between 1992 and 2014, according to polls by the Pew Research Center. Fast-forward to 2016 and most – as opposed to just many – Republicans and Democrats view the opposition in deeply negative terms. Of nearly 5,000 people surveyed, over half believe the opposition is ‘closed-minded’, while around four in 10 are convinced supporters of the rival party are more ‘lazy’, ‘immoral’ and ‘dishonest’ than other Americans. …

“One potential explanation is the so-called group polarisation effect. Discussing views with friends might seem like the perfect way to expose the flaws in thinking and hear similar but alternative points of view. It’s not. ‘If you put a group of like-minded people in a room, their attitudes generally become even more extreme,’ says Jessica Keating, a psychologist from the University of Colorado, Boulder.”

My Comment: The reason for that is the growing individual, family, social, national, and general egoism. Lately it has stopped growing and has begun to round, which makes it opposite to us, the loners.

This means that if in the past it helped us to develop and motivated us to grow, today it forces us to unite, which is against our ego, since in order to be united in our society, we have to give up our personal egoism.

This is what the current crisis comes down to—when even egoistically we cannot make treaties between us, even if it is in order to save ourselves as we see in the EU today.

Eventually the world will become paralyzed and will come to a halt. The world trade, financial, and economic actions will stop, families will break down, treaties and agreements will be broken, and this will continue until a third world war breaks out or until the nations understand and feel from the depth of their suffering that they need to go “up to Jerusalem,” the only place where the method of unity is.

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