“The Handiwork Of A Craftsman”

laitman_275Torah, Deuteronomy 27:14 – 27:15: The Levites shall speak up, saying to every individual of Israel, in a loud voice: “Cursed be the man who makes any graven or molten image an abomination to the Lord, the handiwork of a craftsman and sets it up in secret! And all the people shall respond, saying, ‘Amen!'”

In our world you should not make any external actions; they must all be internal.

There is no need to create any statues or images for yourself—anything you can grasp with your egoistic desires and intentions, but only what you can imagine above egoism, above earthly thoughts and feelings. When you connect with others through love of them, you begin to form the state in which the Creator can dress. It is called creating a house of the Creator.

We live in the world of idols and constantly, every second, create all new ones. This is the state that existed before the spiritual discoveries of Abraham.

Where did Kabbalah begin? It started from the fact that all the idols were shattered and everything moves only into the internal quality of a person, into his internal correction. Exactly on this, the method of correction of a person and his elevation to the level of the Creator was founded, and this was the only difference between Abraham and Nimrod, between Kabbalah and all other teachings.

If a person worships some statues before some of his actions, then all this is called egoistic, not holy work.

Question: How is it possible to attribute a craft to this? It is written, “The handiwork of a craftsman.”

Answer: This is the handiwork of a craftsman. The name of the architect who built the Tabernacle is Betzalel (Be-tzal-el) and it means “in the shadow of the Creator.” What does it mean that he works in the shadow of the Creator? It means only using a screen. The upper Light creates everything.

Comment: But in the Torah it is written, “An abomination to the Lord, the handiwork of a craftsman.”

Response: That’s right. All that is required from us is just a screen (Masach). Don’t interfere with the Creator; remove your egoism so everything will be created exactly in the place where you removed it. You annul egoism with His help, but when this happens, you begin to feel how something completely opposite begins to form within you from Him. This is the handiwork of a craftsman. The Creator is called a craftsman.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 11/21/16

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